Friday, August 14, 2009

Week 2, Assignment #3

Creating a blog was not difficult. I followed the steps and - Voila! It worked. Creating an avatar was fun. I mixed in my favorite hobbies/activites and came up with my little gardening librarian. Unlike other bloggers who use a library background I choose a garden background. Hey, it's summer; I'd rather be gardening than at work.
On to step 4.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm the Gardening Librarian

My daughter wrote this poem about me when she was in high school. Modeled after Chaucer's Canterbury Tales it captures many aspects of me in just a few lines. I'm a vegetarian, I love to read and weed (garden), and I am a librarian.

The Gardening Librarian
by Gabriela Gualano

Next on her horse came the librarian
Who decided years ago to become vegetarian.
The students she taught
Were careful with their snot
For if they dirtied a single book
She’d hit them with her Shepard’s crook.
(But on that note I jest
For as a librarian, she is simply the best.)
To children she always reads aloud
As they come and form a crowd.
A better librarian you will never meet
She is as smart as she is sweet.
Her hair is short, brown and curly
Never is our librarian surly
At home she reads and reads
Then goes outside and weeds.
Her garden looks so beautiful
People come to admire and say “how wonderful”
And so she continues on her way
To visit statues and pray.